10 organization hacks your home will thank you for

Looking for some great life hacks? All you need are some Command® Mini Hooks and a bit of imagination. Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

Why hide your jewelry in a box or a drawer? Use Command® Mini Hooks to create a work of art with your wearable art in a bedroom or bathroom.

Tired of clutter on your bathroom vanity? Apply Command® Mini Hooks sideways inside your cabinet door to hold your toothbrush snugly and out of the way.

Use Command® Mini Hooks in your laundry room to keep scrub brushes handy and out of the way. To keep your laundry room smelling fresh all the time, hang a dryer sheet behind each brush.

If you’re lacking space inside your kitchen cabinets, consider making use of the outside of your cabinets. Apply Command® Mini Hooks on the side of your cabinet and hang measuring spoons or dry measuring cups for easy access.

Place a Command® Mini Hook near your door to hang your dog’s leash, and never hunt for it again.

Using twinkle lights around your home doesn’t need to be limited to the holiday season. Use Command® Mini Hooks to hang twinkle lights and create some magical mood lighting.

Sometimes bulky kitchen tools, like spatulas, ladles, slotted spoons or whisks, are hard to store neatly in kitchen drawers, especially if you have limited space. Use Command® Mini Hooks to hang these utensils on your backsplash so they’re handy when you need them.

Always misplacing your keys? Create a key station using a Command® Mini Hook near your door and make a habit of hanging them there every time you walk through your door.

Add some flair to a bookshelf by hanging items that reflect your reading personality. Love romance novels? Hang some paper hearts. Sci-Fi? Hang some robot ornaments. Murder mysteries? Hang some magnifying glasses.

If your closet is overflowing, make use of wasted space by putting Command® Mini Hooks along the walls to hang belt or scarves.

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