Moving pro checklist

Though boxes and bubble wrap may seem inoffensive enough, we all know a move can be slightly harrowing and the cause of some colourful language! Not to worry, we have this little checklist to keep you covered and keep your move stress free.

  • TRUCK: Book the truck ahead of time. And by ahead of time, we mean weeks, even months.
  • PURGING: Sort through your things before the big day. Throw away, give away, and recycle. The more you give away, the less you have to move!
  • TAPE: Better to have too much than not enough.
  • TOOLS:Keep them on-hand. Come moving day, you’ll be calling them your besties.
  • KEYS: NDon’t forget them. There is nothing worse than arriving at your new address, boxes and pets in tow, and being locked out.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Measure everything! Especially the front door frame through which you’ll have to fit your oversized sectional.
  • PHONE CHARGER : It would be a shame if your phone died before ordering your pizza.
  • EQUIPMENT: If you are moving bigger pieces of furniture or appliances, rent the necessary equipment to transport them – trolley, straps, etc. Your friends aren’t superheroes, regardless of what their t-shirts claim.
  • ICE: For beer and water, but also for fingers who have been the victim of overzealous hammering.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Identify your boxes on each and every side. Otherwise, once they’re piled up, you won’t be able to know what’s inside.
  • MEOW: Make sure Fluffy is safely locked up in a room to prevent him from escaping.
  • MAIL: Still receiving snail mail? Let Canada Post know you are moving so your letters can find you.
  • TOILET PAPER: May seem obvious, but do you really want to risk not having it at the moment you need it most?
  • SERVICES: Internet, cable, electricity – make an appointment to get your place connected as soon as possible.
  • CLEANLINESS: Generate some good karma, leave your apartment as clean as possible.

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